Why Donate

Citizens for Choice is a 501(c)(3) California Public Benefit Corporation, a tax-exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Code. Charitable gifts may be tax-deductible.  Citizens for Choice does not share confidential donor information.

Your generous support will allow us to continue as your local advocate for reproductive health, rights and justice.  With your help, we will continue working to fill the need for:

  • Access to trusted, local reproductive healthcare providers
  • Fact-based sexual and reproductive health information
  • Public policies that promote equitable access to healthcare and high-quality sex education

Community financial support is what makes it possible for us to continue to sustain The Clinic! in Grass Valley.

  • In partnership with Women’s Health Specialists as the providers, we keep The Clinic! open four days a week, at 984 Plaza Drive, south suite in Grass Valley.
  • From The Clinic! opening in 2006 through 2023, we’ve had over 30,000 clinic visits meeting reproductive healthcare needs.

How Your Gift Might Be Used

Your gift will be used mainly to sustain the clinic, and, to a lesser degree to keep Citizens for Choice operating.

Examples of the impact your gift might have:

  • A $4,000 donation will cover one month of Clinic operating expenses
  • A $2,000 donation will cover one year of liability insurance
  • A $650 donation will cover one month of Outreach
  • A $200 donation will cover one month of Social Media
  • A $50 donation will cover one month of software & website expense
  • A $10 donation will cover one month of stickers and postage

Women’s Champion Circle Legacy Giving

As you can see from recent events, supporting womens’ right to control their bodies and their health care is a multigenerational process.  You may want this effort to continue as part of your legacy. If you do, please consider joining our Women’s Champion Circle by leaving a financial gift as part of your legacy.  There are several approaches to doing this. We are happy to work with your financial advisor or your attorney or you directly. Please contact us at

Gifts of Stock

Stock donations to Citizens for Choice are handled by RW Baird and Co, 360 Sierra College Dr, Suite 200, Grass Valley, 888-792-9244.  Our main contact at Baird is Janice Dunn, CFP. The donor must transfer the stock to Baird, best done through the donor’s broker. Contact Janice Dunn for specific instructions to implement the process through the DST transfer system. 

Distributions from a Donor’s Individual Retirement Account

To make a gift from an IRA, a donor should discuss with their broker how to make the transfer and whether a qualified charitable contribution (QCD) is available and the best way to do that.  Those over age 70 ½ may be able to give gift amounts tax-free from an IRA as a QCD. This is not intended as tax advice. We urge you to discuss your options with your tax professional. A QCD or other distribution check should be mailed to: Citizens for Choice, PO box 3525, Grass Valley CA, 95945.