Devastating Correlation Between Abortion Restrictions and High Maternal Death Rates According to CDC Study

Researchers estimate 80% of pregnancy-related deaths are preventable. A news report by the Commonwealth fund reiterates the tragic correlation between abortion restrictions or denials and high maternal death rates in the United States. contributing to a 62% higher maternal death rate compared to states where abortion is more easily accessible. Maternal deaths are high in Read more

The Fall of Roe…The Rest of the Story

Letter to the editor/other voices July 18, 2022 by Lynn Wenzel I am writing to respond to Terry McLaughlin’s July 16, 2022 article entitled “Pro-Life Centers Help”, which bemoans the 51 reported attacks on what she calls “pregnancy resource centers” nationwide since early May of this year, apparently perpetrated by  “pro-abortion extremists”. Ms. McLaughlin apparently Read more

The Fall of Roe

The Supreme Court is likely soon to overturn Roe v. Wade.  With its fall, 49-year-old protections for abortion rights under our U.S. Constitution will end.  The imminent fall of Roe is shining a light on how central abortion rights are to women. Under Roe, abortion rights have been rooted in our Constitution and protected by Read more