Are You Pregnant?

If this is an unexpected pregnancy, you have many questions.  It can be an emotionally overwhelming time in your life. 

We can help.

We feel that women’s clinics have an obligation to explain all your options, so you can make the decision that is right for you.  After all, your body belongs to you alone—the path you choose is ultimately your decision.

Citizens For Choice strongly supports a woman’s right to choose.  This means that we will provide support for you via information and education whether you choose to carry your child to term, are considering adoption, or feel terminating your pregnancy is the right choice for you.

The information you will receive is given with compassion and caring, and above all, is objective and without judgment.

woman smiling

Telephone counselors are available to discuss your options, answer all your questions and make your appointment.

Please call (530) 891-1911 or (800) 714-8151  ~ 24/7