Men and Sex(ual) Health

“Be careful about reading health books.  You may die of a misprint.” 

~ Mark Twain




June is National Men’s Health Month. 



Nearly all of us have fathers, brothers, husbands, friends or significant others who are men.  In the midst of a very real ‘war on women’ in this country, one which consumes much of our attention, it’s important we don’t forget the men in our lives.  To be fair, most of the men we know aren’t telling us to put an aspirin between our knees.  They can’t run fast enough.


Men’s health issues are often neglected.  Actually, many men are guilty of ignoring their health until they are loaded on the gurney and on their way to the hospital. 


Why is this?



In a 2007 survey for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, at least 30% of men admitted to avoiding going to the doctor unless it was an emergency.  The numbers went up significantly when the problem was sexual in nature. 


In part, the problem is that men feel doctors are more empathetic toward women.  A quick look at most waiting rooms in doctor’s offices can give you a glimpse into the reason – most décor and even the magazines cater to women’s tastes.  If waiting rooms were adorned with animal heads and Field and Stream magazines, would women feel welcome? 


In 2011, Esquire Magazine conducted a health survey for men.  Among other surprising answers, when men were asked which exam caused them the most anxiety, prostate exams were highest on the list.  This in the face of their overwhelming answer that cancer was the health condition they feared most.  In case you were wondering, over 90% said they could still see their penis when standing, but nearly 50% couldn’t touch their toes.  Makes you wonder if at least some of the 90% were using a mirror. 


We will truly have equality only when all people are treated civilly and respectfully, and their valid, but often very different, feelings are considered.  Citizens for Choice is committed to providing services for people in our community regardless of their gender, sexual orientation or family status. 


At The Clinic!, testicular exams are offered, as is counseling, testing for STI’s, contraception, and even instruction on using a condom.  Information and referrals are available for vasectomies, if a man feels that is the best choice for him. 


Citizens for Choice would like to celebrate the men in our lives, and reach out to those in our community who have questions or concerns about their reproductive health.  After all, choice about our reproductive freedom belongs to each of us.


Frederika Zylstra, The Written Word Professional Copywriting, is a writer providing compelling web content, mesmerizing speeches, inspiring, informative and thought-provoking blogs for business and more.  She is also the Word Wizard for Wild Women for Business.